Abe Davis

Welcome to my website

Recent Update: The Visual Microphone

My most recent paper will be presented next week at SIGGRAPH 2014! Check it out!

About Me

I am an n-th year computer science PhD student at MIT, working in computer graphics, computational photography, and computer vision. My adviser is Fredo Durand.

I've done a spattering of research in different topics. Click on the Research tab to find out more.

I'm from Baltimore Maryland. I did my undergraduate at Stanford, where I worked with Marc Levoy on graphics and computational photography.

As a hobby, I make amusing (well, they amuse me anyway) rap music and videos. For more on that, click the Music tab.

There is an Other tab. Right now it has some stuff about Caperture, an iOS app I wrote that lets you capture and view objects in 3D. I will hopefully add more random other-ly things to the 'Other' page in the future.