Unstructured Light Fields

Abe Davis Marc Levoy Fredo Durand

Eurographics 2012
(to appear)

We present a system for capturing and viewing interactive photorealistic representations of objects. By waving a camera around an object, the user essentially "scans" that object. They can then view, store, and transmit a virtual representation of the object that can be examined in 3D.


We present a system for interactively acquiring and rendering light fields using a hand-held commodity camera. The main challenge we address is assisting a user in achieving good coverage of the 4D domain despite the challenges of hand-held acquisition. We define coverage by bounding reprojection error between viewpoints, which accounts for all 4 dimensions of the light field. We use this criterion together with a recent Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technique to compute a coverage map on the space of viewpoints. We provide users with real-time feedback and direct them toward under-sampled parts of the light field. Our system is lightweight and has allowed us to capture hundreds of light fields. We further present a new rendering algorithm that is tailored to the unstructured yet dense data we capture. Our method can achieve piecewise-bicubic reconstruction using a triangulation of the captured viewpoints and subdivision rules applied to reconstruction weights

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