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¶ ebay *sigh*

So I sold something on eBay on Stacy's behalf. It was a beautiful transaction, went off without a hitch. Posted it for sale on Wednesday afternoon, the day before Thanksgiving. Later that night, someone purchased it and ended the auction with Buy It Now. He paid me via PayPal and I sent him an e-mail saying I'd ship it on Monday since I was home for Thanksgiving. Monday rolls around and I send it out via UPS, and it's delivered the next day cause he's only in New York. Friday, he leaves me positive feedback on eBay and I do the same for him. Beautiful, end of story, right? Wrong.

Today, he decides to raise a complaint with PayPal, claiming that I never sent the package. "Never received merchandise!!" he says! PayPal, having significantly improved its buyer protection policies quite recently, automatically takes his side and freezes my account (with the $257 still in it), saying I have seven days to provide a full refund or proof of delivery. I'm like, "wtf!?!?" and send him a nasty e-mail. After he doesn't respond within the next 12 seconds (I didn't really expect him to, but I was pissed), I trek over to the UPS store and get my tracking# and proof of delivery, come back and send it to him and paypal. So now it's his turn to either cancel the complaint or provide counterevidence. Then I curse him for wasting 45 minutes of my time and entertain myself with visions of showing up to this complete stranger's house in a black sedan with my nonexistant posse and assorted tools (baseball bats, crowbars, etc.) and being like, "you want a refund? I'll give you a refund."


Re: ebay *sigh*
Posted 1 week, 1 day ago by sonic • • Reply
Let's make with the batting. I want in! Oh, yeah, I decided to forget Movable Type. I don't want the hassle and since I figured out how to make titles (duh), I'm mostly happy. I still can't organize my blog by categories, which is the main feature I'd like but whatever. Good luck with the stupid buyer. BTW, how in the world did he leave positive feedback and THEN submit a complaint to paypal?
Re: ebay *sigh*
Posted 1 week ago by albert • • Reply
yeah, that's what had me most confused. it's like, "make up your mind, damnit!"

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