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¶ stupid running
So you'd think that running would be a great time to think about all sorts of things like research problems and stuff like that. After all, what else am I gonna do with my brain in that time, right?

Somehow, it's a lot harder than I thought it would be. Like, last week I managed to solve a machine vision homework problem while doing a few laps - something about perspective projection and the relationship between vanishing points of orthogonal lines. That was cool. But then yesterday was a total failure. It was like all the oxygen had fled from my brain and I was stupidified for the whole run. After my third mile, I was thinking about how much of the run I'd completed, and decided that I was a ninth of the way done, cause 3 x 9 = 18. Of course. It took me nine more miles to realize I need to go back to 2nd grade math.

In the meantime I decided to think about the Viola-Jones face detection algorithm and if maybe you could generalize it to handle image rotations. But in reality, all I ended up doing was remembering how the original algorithm works and then fixating on certain words for several minutes at a time. "Integral image"... (5 minutes later)... "cascade"... "classifier"...

clearly, that did not work so well...

Larry said I need to find a math guy to run with and get him to teach me math stuff. So uh... any math grads training for a marathon around here? =P

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