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¶ hero, dead woman
My favorite line from the movie 英雄 (Hero) is when 飛雪 goes apeshit on 殘劍 and kills him and then is like, oh shit! and just keeps saying over and over again 你為什麼不擋我的劍? It's the instant when she realizes she's done something so terrible that can never be undone, something she never meant to do, but did nonetheless in the heat of the moment. She's killed the one person most important to her, and no matter what she does, things are never going to be okay again. It really sucks, and all at once I'm thinking damn that sucks but also damn woman, why'd you stick him with your friggin sword? Why couldn't you just punch him in the stomach like normal angry girls do? Then she kills herself and the movie ends.

Last last Sunday afternoon, they found a dead woman's body floating in the Charles, wrapped in plastic. Someone spotted her off the Longfellow bridge. That's on my training loop, so I crossed the bridge three times that morning and afternoon. Didn't look over the side, though. That would've been interesting. The same day she went missing last month, police found her car on the Revere/Malden border abandoned and burning. Someone clearly didn't like the girl very much. Lately, I've been fantasizing that her body is actually el's body.

Re: hero, dead woman
Posted 17 years, 1 month ago by amandine • • Reply
first of all, thanks for giving away the ending of Hero. i haven't seen it yet!!!! second, who's el?

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