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Sometimes I feel like I should know more about what my advisor does...

Last week (two weeks ago?), some people from Apple came to visit the lab. Larry entertained them for a bit and then punted to me. I brought them downstairs and showed them the kiosks, bluetooth stuff, and some positioning software.

Today, some nihonjin came from NTT and Mitsubishi or something like that. Larry entertained them for a bit and then punted to me as he ran off to meet with the the CTO of the CIA and entourage (since when did larry meet with the CIA???) I fumbled as the 3rd floor kiosk choked, but recovered and brought them down to the first floor kiosk. I kept talking to the translator, though. I remember hearing somewhere that if you're ever entertaining foreign dignitaries you're supposed to speak to them and not the translator, but I couldn't help it..

Some dude from Acer's coming tomorrow and I think I have to do my thing again.

Re: apple, ntt, mitsubishi, cia, acer
Posted 17 years, 1 month ago by jackie • @Reply
you can do it! guess it's kinda hard to be excited about meeting new people when you're under pressure to show stuff off to them though... =/

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