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¶ neeed mootivaaatiooon
Lethargy sets in.

My office is pretty dismal in the middle of the day when no one's around. Somehow, it seems lonelier than when it's dark. I can't stand being the only person when there's daylight peeking through the windows... I get so restless and gloomy. But at night, when the only light comes from the dull haze of streetlamps and my monitor glow, I don't notice it as much. I get so much more productive when I'm surrounded in darkness... I couldn't work at all yesterday during the day, but when I went back at midnight, I had no problems working straight through 3am.

People have started writing to me about DLTool and it's been encouraging. According to sourceforge, it's been downloaded almost 2,000 times now, which isn't all that much, but is still pretty cool. The feedback I get for it is definitely way better than any money they could've paid me for it (well, unless it's a lot of money =P) cause it's really cool to make something that makes someone's life a little better, and cause more people learn chinese now =P. Some e-mails I've gotten:


Congratulation for Dltool. It is really useful to decode characters I don't know yet when I chat with Chinese people on MSN Messenger.

Hi there Mr Huang,

I've been using dltool for several months now, and it's been unbelievably helpful. So firstly, thank you for taking the time to code such a great tool! My only question is, do you plan to port it to Linux, or know of any similar projects I could look at? I'm just planning to move over to Linux, but without something like dltool it might not be worth it...

Either way, thanks for your time!


I like very much your DLTool; it makes it really comfortable to read short stories on the net and because it's so quick to look up words, I am really encouraged to pay more attention to precise pronounciation and correct tone of Chinese characters.

The second one was kind of a "hooray! ... oh shit" moment. hooray cause he liked it, oh shit cause he might not check out linux if there's nothing similar (which there isn't, unfortunately... hurry up, Mono!!) heh, oh well =P

Re: neeed mootivaaatiooon
Posted 17 years, 4 months ago by Tetsuo • • Reply
OMFG... I was the Hooray Oh Shit dude! Don't worry, I ended up checking out Linux (Red Hat, IIRC), but ended up slacking off and not fighting out of the Comfort Zone that is Windows. Although atm I'm looking at trying out Debian, and then when I know what I'm doing I'm definitely keen to crack out the Gentoo goodness. So, got DLTool working in Linux yet then? Hehe... Seriously, DLTool is the /only/ app still tying me to Windows, since I use it quite a bit for work...

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