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¶ ASPLOS day one

Lots of talks today. Only went to half of them =P Stumbled in late to the keynote speech this morning, slept through most of the first talk (Programming with Transactional Coherence and Consistency), and listened through the next two. Lunch was cool, chatted with a UW student. Worked for Raytheon doing missile defense for quite some time and they sent him to get his PhD, so now he works on the WaveScalar dataflow machine. Cool guy. Also met 寥世偉, who's on Research Staff at Intel. Skipped the next session of talks and crashed back at home for a bit.

Ed, who works a couple doors down from me, gave a talk in the Security session. Pretty cool stuff, but at the end of the talk, this lady from Princeton started ripping into him. Severe hostility, I was like, "woah nelly!" She definitely said "I don't think your model can work" in reference to the entire subject of his talk, and told him to go read so-and-so's paper on secure computation and to reference so-and-so's paper on security models. Everybody at the conference was like, "woah there, lady, be nice..." The session chair got up at one point to break off the fight if he needed to, but she relented.

Dinner was held at the Prudential Skywalk - 50th floor. Pretty sweet view from up there (see photo). I ended up hanging out with all the WaveScalar people from UW, who all seemed pretty cool. More shmoozing. Good food. I got carded twice when getting drinks. Nobody else did. *sigh*

Re: ASPLOS day one
Posted 17 years, 1 month ago by dareka • • Reply
who the heck is liao shiwei? someone famous?
Re: ASPLOS day one
Posted 17 years, 1 month ago by albert • • Reply
just some guy at Intel. He did his PhD at Stanford a while ago...

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