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¶ why my robot vision professor is cool.
meet my robot vision professor. Berthold Horn.

The guy's ancient. He's been teaching this course for almost thirty years now. We're still using the book he wrote in 1986. But he has this awesome sense of dry humor. And a cool accent. And he's way smart.

Recently, we learned about techniques to recover three-dimensional shape descriptions from images using brightness measurements in a single photograph (i.e. given a picture, describe exactly the physical geometry of what's pictured). All sorts of weird shit like reflectance maps and albedo and surface normals. One of the few photos in the book is on page 263.

If you take a closer look at the picture, here's what you see.

Kids who paid close attention in DARE will recognize that Cannabis sativa is a quality strain of marijuana. It's the kind of marijuana you'd smoke if you wanted a cerebral, mental high (as opposed to getting mind-blowingly stoned with an Indica strain). And all the good stuff is in the resin. That ain't no schwag he has a picture of. And when you write books like this, you don't just go throwing random photos in, you pick them carefully. Not that I have any personal experience, of course...

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