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¶ paypal fraudsters
My theory about the strategy of the ebay guy from last week:
  1. Buy something expensive on eBay
  2. Pay for item, get it delivered, wait a couple days.
  3. Raise complaint with paypal, claiming item was never delivered, even though it was.
  4. If seller provides proof of delivery, quietly cancel complaint and re-sell item.
  5. Otherwise, $$profit$$

What a total fucker. The shitty thing is that because of PayPal's automated complaint system, I doubt they have checks in place to detect this kind of fraud. Like, they have enough trouble shutting down the fake-paypal websites, I doubt they'd devote any resources to stopping this. So I was fine cause I sent them a UPS tracking # and it was shipped to his confirmed address, but if
I hadn't done either, I'd have been SOL.

One exam down, one to go.

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