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¶ busted camera, busted paper
broke my camera =( no more pretty pictures until I get pentax to fix it.

The paper I wrote in august was vehemently rejected from PerCom. Choice comments from the reviewers - "The paper is poorly written and the scheme lacks novelty." "it is difficult to find any redeeming quality beyond the fact that..." Ouch. They received 233 paper submissions and accepted 39 (16.7%) so I'm definitely not alone in getting turned down, but it's still a huge bummer. Well, time to get back up and keep going.

In other news, I've decided that at the end of a long, hard, depressing week, setting shit on fire does wonders to improve morale. *evil grin*

Re: busted camera, busted paper
Posted 16 years, 11 months ago by dareka • • Reply

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