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¶ nokia and python
So I've been super excited all week long cause Nokia's releasing a python interpreter for their Series 60 phones and we got our hands on it and I'm having all sorts of fun with it. And I'd rave about all the cool stuff it's got but I think we signed some kind of NDA so I have no idea what we're allowed to talk about. And then I go and try to tell my friends that this is the coolest piece of software that Nokia's released in forever and it even has a command line interpreter and you can build your own modules to interface with the native symbian os, but then they all give me this funny look and are like, "symbian... python... interpreter... what?" and then I realize I'm getting all excited about this damn thing but can't convey how cool it is to them but even if they did understand it, they'd still be like, "okay, so what's the big deal". and then I want to scream and be like "but don't you see the beauty of it!?" but then I sit back and think "man... wtf is wrong with me?"


Hmm... I wonder if I'm allowed to say all that... stupid nda's...

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