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¶ value of privacy
In working so much with location aware computing, we've been riding the fence on privacy issues. Essentially, the technologies that we're working on and developing are used to track people's movements as they move around during the day. Working in a building with staunch privacy advocates like Richard Stallman, who apparently refuses to even use the prox-card readers that let us in the building (how the hell does he get in? air ducts?), it's definitely an issue that comes up every now and then.

So under what circumstances would you give up personal information and let some third party (school, government, company, etc.) track your movements and your actions? I had a conversation with mvk the other day, and he mentioned some studies (forgot which ones) that essentially suggest people are unconsciously more than happy to sacrifice privacy in exchange for little rewards. Case in point - supermarket rewards cards. You let the supermarket keep track of every single purchase you make in exchange for saving maybe 5% on your purchases. Most people, when asked directly how much they value privacy, would name a very high price, thinking that it's something they really care about. But if you throw them a biscuit and then just take what you want, more often than not, they'll happily give up the privacy they held on to so dearly no so long ago. Ooh, I can save $3 if I let Shaws profile my shopping habits? sign me up!

RE: Beacon Hill Skate (Your post from July)
Posted 16 years, 11 months ago by Guys from Beacon Hill Skate • @ wwwReply
hello, we are the people from BHS. Thanks for the write-up a couple from a couple of months ago. We really appreciate such good feedback. We also like the fact that you said we're not in Beacon Hill because so many people get confused from that. My Boss (Chris) told me to tell you he was in fact not at a war. I could tell you off the back that this is one of the coolest jobs anyone could ever get and the people you meet are so cool. Well, thank you again for the write-up and come back for anything you need. From Guys of BHS, 135 Charles Street South Boston, MA 02111 Tel: (617)-482-7400 P.S. Hope you liked the sharpening too!

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