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¶ reviving a tradition
So trina was telling us how when she used to work in building 20 way back in the day, they'd goof off by drenching a tennis ball in lighter fluid, setting it on fire, and batting it through the corridors. I was like, awesome!! So on friday, before burnination, I made a run through the tennis courts and picked up some abandoned balls. 11:00 rolls around, madness ensues, and I now have a new favorite game (sorry, ice hockey). For lack of a better name, I call it fireball

Fireball is a multiplayer game played in rounds. It is, in essence, a variation of Hand Ball

materials required:
  • tennis balls (a few)
  • camping fuel / lighter fluid
  • lighter / matches
  • fire extinguisher
  • nonflammable wall and playing area
  • metal (or other nonflammable material) spoon
At the beginning of each round, a tennis ball is soaked in fuel for approximately 30 seconds. One player, designated the server, uses the spoon to carry the tennis ball to the designated playing area. When all players are assembled, the tennis ball is set alight. The server then strikes the ball with her free hand (the one not holding the spoon and ball) towards the wall. The ball is allowed to bounce off the wall and the ground once before the next player must strike the ball back towards the wall. The ball is kept in play in this manner until it runs out of fuel and extinguishes. If a player fails to keep the ball in play, an appropriate punishment is enforced. The type and severity of the punishment is determined and agreed upon before game time. One suggestion is to throw the flaming tennis ball at the person in question.

  • players must strike the ball with their bare hands.
  • players should wear natural fibers such as cotton and silk. Synthetic clothing such as polyester is strongly discouraged.
  • If a person or object other than the tennis ball catches fire, the fire extinguisher should be used to extinguish the flames.

Re: reviving a tradition
Posted 16 years, 11 months ago by amandine • • Reply
i need to see this.
Re: reviving a tradition
Posted 16 years, 11 months ago by Sonic • @ wwwReply
I need to play this!
RE: Beacon Hill Skate (Your post from July)
Posted 16 years, 11 months ago by Guys from Beacon Hill Skate • @ wwwReply
hello, we are the people from BHS. Thanks for the write-up a couple from a couple of months ago. We really appreciate such good feedback. We also like the fact that you said we're not in Beacon Hill because so many people get confused from that. My Boss (Chris) told me to tell you he was in fact not at a war. I could tell you off the back that this is one of the coolest jobs anyone could ever get and the people you meet are so cool. Well, thank you again for the write-up and come back for anything you need. From Guys of BHS, 135 Charles Street South Boston, MA 02111 Tel: (617)-482-7400 P.S. Hope you liked the sharpening too!

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