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¶ frozen meetings
So the speedometer on my car crapped out a few weeks ago, and I made an appointment to get it fixed today.

McKinsey is coming to CSAIL tomorrow. They're interested in Oxygen and our research. A bunch of faculty are giving presentations. Larry was gonna do one, but he had to go to Singapore, so he asked me to give a short talk instead. I'm like, sure Larry, can do. Then he's like, Randy Davis wants to meet with you beforehand to make sure you fit in. Fit in!? Alarm bells clang in my head and I ask who's coming from McKinsey. Oh, just their CIO, Director of IT Strategy, and entourage. umm... okay Larry, if that's you want... /me pisses his pants. He assures me that mine is a minor presentation and it's okay for me to screw up cause I'm a student and stuff. fair enough.

So Larry's in Singapore, I just got back from Quebec last night. Today's the only day I can meet with Randy (on the phone), and he wants to meet at 11:00. Beautiful, exactly when I'm getting my car fixed. So I pull into the shop, turn in my car keys, and Randy calls. He gets annoyed right away cause there's a TV in the shop and it's loud and people are talking and he wants me to go somewhere quieter. There's no quiet place inside, so I walk out to the back driveway and commence our meeting. Randy wants to go over the presentation slides and make some suggestions, so there I am, crouching in the driveway of some auto repair shop, one hand on cell phone, one hand operating laptop, and it's 10 degrees fahrenheit outside so my ass is frozen already. People pass by and give me funny looks. Jerks. Haven't they ever seen a chinese kid talking on a cell phone and fixing some powerpoint slides in the back of an auto shop before?

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