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So Eta Kappa Nu runs a course feedback thing where at the end of every semester, they go around and have students fill out forms to evaluate their classes and lecturers and TAs. Since I TA'd a class last spring, I got evaluated also. I finally got around to looking at the class evaluation. I was mentioned twice.
TA A. Huang (5.0/7.0, 4 responses) was a knowledgeable and patient TA. A couple of students commented that he was not always friendly, however.
"On A. Huang (TA): A great hacker."
I guess the point is that I did all right as a TA. It bothers me a little, but doesn't really surprise me, that some students thought I wasn't very friendly. I think I've become accustomed to being curt and foregoing formalities and idle banter. If someone comes to me with a problem, I'll spend as much time as needed to help take care of it, but no more. So sometimes people would come up to me, ask a question, I'd give a one word answer, and then go right back to doing whatever it was I was doing.

I do remember not liking that exact same attribute in other people I've encountered. I never really knew if they were curt because they found me annoying, or if that's how they just were. A smile, however brief, did a lot to make me feel more comfortable. Now I find myself doing some of those things that I didn't like when I was in the other position, and it bugs me.

So I guess I'll tack on another resolution, since it's still january - be (or at least seem) friendlier to people I work with.

Re: TA feedback
Posted 16 years, 9 months ago by amandine • • Reply
a smile does go along way. but so does grunting.

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