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¶ airborne porta-potties
Yesterday afternoon I looked out my window and saw a porta-potty.

It was one of those standard bright blue stalls with a white roof, swaying to and fro in the wind. I don't know why, but I was somewhat mesmerized by this porta-potty and spent a minute or so just looking at it. It wasn't actually right next to my window, it was across the street, being lifted by a large construction crane, but the angle of my window was such that if you just looked straight out, there were no tall buildings behind the porta-potty, and the suspending chain was so long that it just looked like it was being dangled there from nowhere against a cloud-speckled sky. It seemed strangely romantic in some twisted way.

Of course, immediately afterwards, my train of thought degenerated into standard toilet humor and I started thinking how amusing it would be if they lifted it while someone was actually taking a dump in there. Open the door after taking care of some business, and all of a sudden you're two hundred feet in the air standing in a vat of shit.

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