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¶ the fetish night before christmas
Merry Christmas. w00t.

On Monday, I got really sick of my hair. It was annoying me. Down past my ears and getting in my eyes all the time. But I'm developing this aversion to barbers... it's like I don't trust them anymore. Like your auto-mechanic, right? You never know what they're gonna do and how it's gonna turn out... except that getting a haircut only costs like $10 and you don't really get cheated... so it's not really like your auto-mechanic, but whatever. Point is that I went into the bathroom with a pair of scissors and gave myself a haircut. I couldn't really see the back of my head, so I just guessed where my hair was and chopped away. I missed some parts, but got rid of the hair that was annoying me, which is good enough for me. Not sure that stacy's gonna be so happy w/it, tho =P

Heather's bf Jeff is here for xmas. He's a nice guy, and I think my parents like him. We did the whole christmas dinner thing and lit some candles and played cheesy holidy music. The only place we messed up is we forgot to wait until morning to unwrap pressents. We don't really exchange gifts anymore. Well, we kinda do, but they're more like token gifts. Instead, we take turns unwrapping presents that people give to my dad. Lotta people give him stuff, so we had fun doing that.

Later, heather convinced me and jeff to go to club Hell, so we went. It's downtown, off of Weybosset street. Tonight was fetish night. We got in mostly free with some flyers heather had picked up on thayer a couple days ago. Definitely a weird night. It was like a potpouri of nightcrawlers. The music was totally random.. pretty good music individually taken, but definitely not a coherent theme. At one point, a trio of thonged lesbians on a couch behind me were mounting each other; a bunch of open-shirt white guys on the dance floor in front of me were thrashing to AC/DC (back in black); while behind them, in a corner at the bondage station, some girls cuffed and chained to a large cage were busy getting spanked and whipped; and to my right this hefty girl (at least twice my weight) had taken her bra off and was grinding this little guy no bigger than me. Definitely not the usual Club Hell crowd.

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