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¶ goodbye for now, comments
I've turned comments off for now. The comment spam has been getting quite bad. At first, I'd delete them by hand. Then, I wrote a script to speed up the process. In the last week, I've been getting around 500 comments a day, all spam. There aren't very many solutions out there for bBlog (the blogging engine I use), as it's not as popular as MovableType or Wordpress. So for now, I bow my head to phentermine, online gambling, and pre-approved mortgages. I wonder if it's worth switching to a more popular system for the anti-spam features... email me if you have suggestions.

MIT spring break is now over. Am entering the final stretch of the semester, where I supposedly finish writing my masters thesis (!!) With copy of Strunk & White in hand, I boldly go where thousands of clueless grad students have gone before...

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Comments disabled until the spammers go away. I hope you comment spammers all die horrible deaths and are forced to delete endless streams of comment spam in your days in purgatory.
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