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I had the (mis?)fortune of passing through the Senior House Bouncy Ball Drop last Friday. One of the events scheduled during MIT's Campus Preview Weekend (visit weekend for new admits), the Bouncy Ball Drop is essentially a bunch of undergraduates taking 6,000 bouncy rubber balls and throwing them off the roof of a building, with strobe lights flashing.
  |    Senior House    |
  +----------------+   |
      .............|   |
  --------+..X.....|   |
          |........|   |
          |.court-.|   |
          |..yard..|   |
          |........|   |
          +-----+  |   |
                |  +---+

It's not too hard to get up on the roof and window ledges of Senior House overlooking the courtyard, as the ledges are very wide and roof access is easy. As I walked through the courtyard after the drop (armed with bicycle helmet), it became quite difficult to place my feet on the ground without stepping on a damn bouncy ball. Not all the balls were thrown at once, and my helmet seemed to scream bullseye, so I ended up getting pelted by at least 20 or 30 balls from above. There were also other students in the courtyard engaged in a bouncy ball fight with those on higher ground, so I suspect I may have been a casualty of that conflict.

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