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¶ sonic's run, dropping things
Congratumalations to Sonic, who ran the Big Sur International Marathon and officially beat me by two minutes and five seconds! (but actually a few more minutes faster)

I've decided that here at MIT, almost all forms of entertainment involve heaving something from a roof or bridge and witnessing a spectacular demise or ensuing chaos. Some recent examples that come to mind:

Sodium Drop heave a kilogram of pure sodium into the Charles River. appx. 100 ft. descent. Early fall. picture
Pumpkin Drop heave fifty large pumpkins off the top of the Green Building. appx 300 ft. descent. Halloween
Bouncy Ball Drop heave 6,000 rubber bouncy balls off the roof of Senior House. 3 floor descent. Campus Preview Weekend (early April)
Piano Drop heave a 700 pound upright piano off the roof of Baker House. 7 floor descent. late April. some pictures here

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