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¶ Project Oxygen final days
Project Oxygen, which is where my funding comes from, ends soon. It was one of the more high profile projects in the AI Lab and LCS. "Pervasive, Human-Centered Computing", bringing pervasive computing just a little closer to reality. Since I didn't bother finding a research advisor when I first showed up a couple years ago, I ended up being shuffled into the project. That was fine with me, since I had no research direction of my own and was willing to give it a shot. Plus, Nokia gave us these sweet new phones to do research with, complete with cell phone plans. So sometime last year, I canceled my own phone plan and started using the Nokia phone exclusively. Of course, the only reason I did that was to better familiarize myself with the phone and approach the "research" from a more involved standpoint =P

They just held the final Oxygen Annual Meeting last week, where all the people from our sponsors (Nokia, Hewlett-Packard, Acer, etc.) come and the faculty give talks and show off their stuff. I spent the few weeks after graduation banging all of our stuff into shape, scraping something together to show our sponsors. The big day came and went, we demoed our system, impressed some people more than others, and then breathed a sigh of relief. Five year project, coming to an end. Of course, they're planning stuff like Oxygen 2 (O2 hahaha) but none of that is definite yet.

So now the big question is - how long will the cell phone plan last? Does it end with Project Oxygen? Will it slip through the administrative cracks? Will I have to switch phone numbers again? Oh, the suspense...

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