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¶ somewhere in Texas - Linux + Bluetooth + T-Mobile GPRS
This is one of those "wow let's reflect on technology and go ooh aah posts." Plus a howto.

As I type this, I'm sitting in the back of my uncle's Honda Pilot, somewhere in between Fort Worth and Houston. My cousin is sitting in front of me watching a movie on a Playstation Portable. It's kinda cool, to actually be online way out in the middle of Texas on some highway (route 30?). No more just listening to the walkman or MP3 player, now I can look at porn news and read email and stuff. Oh, and blog.

It actually took me a while to figure out how to get it all set up, so I posted my configuration and setup here. The basic idea is to take a laptop computer and a cell phone that has a GPRS data plan, and then link the two together via Bluetooth so that the laptop can utilize the cell phone's internet connection. With T-Mobile it's actually not too expensive - an extra $5 per month gets you unlimited data access. There are some crappy restrictions, like all ports except email (POP3, IMAP) being blocked, and having to use a proxy server for web browsing, but it's useful. I drool over the 3G systems, but they're so expensive that I can't justify getting one on my grad student stipend.

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