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¶ shipping out
After many trips to home depot, the electronics store, and the West Newton YMCA pool, we've packed up ORCA and are shipping out to San Diego in the morning. I'm wondering how we're going to be ready for the competition, since a large part of the software hasn't even been written yet (!!) and some of the parts haven't been tested. This morning was the first time we attached and tested the new downward looking camera. There's also a forward looking camera, and a linescan camera (a camera that only captures images of a horizontal line directly in front of the camera, but does it *really* fast, like 10 KHz fast) that have been unit tested but not integrated yet.. I just loaded a new operating system on the sub a couple days ago cause the old one didn't have good firewire support, so we're still working on the kinks on that... eep... well, can't really do much about that now... off to san diego!

Hoisting the sub makes it easier to work with and test certain parts, like the downward looking camera.

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