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¶ grad school, year 3
I'll be starting my third year of grad school pretty soon. I'm getting old, I think. I remember when I first showed up, I met some third year grad students and thought they must've had it all figured out, where they were going, what they were doing, the grand master plan. Now I'm there and I'm like, "wtf??" It was like that in high school and college too. Guess I'll never have things figured out. I do feel like I'm 'on track', though. Finished my masters, got through the technical quals, have some approximate idea of what I want to be doing for my thesis work, and know what I'll be working on for the next few months.

Dan graduated a couple weeks ago, and we had a little celebration cake for him. He said he started as a grad student at MIT in 1994. That's like, eleven years ago. I didn't press for details, but he did say that he took at least a couple years off to work in industry. He's driving out to California now, on his way to the Valley to create a startup. Has no money, no company, no infrastructure, but does have an idea. Seemed pretty confident, so I was like 'power to you, dude.'

Once Dan left, the other grad students in the area started trying to figure out who's the senior student now. There's this sort of cloud of doom hanging over the senior student, cause everyone's waiting for him to graduate... and once he does, the cloud shifts a little and starts casting its shadow on the next guy. There are still no women phd students in our area, what is up with that?

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