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The summer between my junior and senior years in high school, I attended the Brandeis Summer Odyssey SRI program. I forgot what SRI stands for, but it was basically a geek camp of 13 high school students. We signed up to be some professor's research bitch for eight weeks and agreed to love it. I asked to be placed with a computer scientist and ended up in the lab of a cognitive scientist / psychologist. The research sucked, and I vowed to never enter the field of cognitive science, but the camp was a blast.

Since then, I've learned that three of us have entered a graduate program at MIT. Makes me wonder what the other 10 are up to now.

I suppose a deeper question might be - how much did the high school program affect our career choices five years later when deciding between graduate school and industry? Did the program nurture our scientific curiousity, or were we there because we already knew (subconsciously) where we were going? ehh.... whatever.

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