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¶ spaceship engine
I walked into my office yesterday, and my officemate Blaise was beaming. The previous night, he conducted his first succesful test-firing of a spaceship engine he's been working on. He's tried to explain it to me a few times, but I think the rocket-science part of my brain never fully developed. Actually, one of the few things I did gather was that it's not a rocket engine, it's what he calls an electrospray engine that works by somehow charging particles and flinging them off in specific directions to achieve the desired thrust vector. That made me think of ion engines, but apparently it's not that either. Regardless, I congratulated him and immediately accused him of not being a true computer scientist. Computer scientists don't build spaceship engines, the foundations upon which my intelligence is built would crumble if anyone were to violate this simple tenet. My next thought was, "but... I want to build spaceship engines too... "

Re: spaceship engine
Posted 15 years, 9 months ago by Anonymous • • Reply
where does this friend work ?
Re: spaceship engine
Posted 15 years, 3 months ago by gaurav • • Reply
can you explain a little more about the engine and the size of the whole spaceship...... may be a little about the flight time and stability and power of the engine??? I would love to hear about the orgination of the idea

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