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¶ writing a book
The last few months, I've been diverting some of my time into writing a technical book, and things have recently started to come together. Larry started contacting publishers last week, and today we met with Catherine from Addison-Wesley. It's quite a fun process, this whole book writing thing, and it's cool to learn about what goes on. She came over to CSAIL for lunch and we chatted about the book and what kind of people might buy it, how it's structured, our publishing options, and so on and so forth.

It's interesting to see how publishers balance their desire to give authors free reign in writing with their need to make money. At the end of the day, a publishing company is still a business, and they'll often make choices just for the sake of sales figures. For example, they'd prefer to publish a book as part of a series because it's easier to sell. A library, or a retail store might be like, "oh, we carry all the _other_ books in that series? Sure, we'll stock a few copies of this one then".

At the end of lunch, I mentioned that I had a friend at Brown who wrote a book for Syngress, and Catherine was like, "Luke! I loved working with him!" and I was like, "wtf!?" (unvocalized) and it turned out that a few years ago, Catherine was at Syngress and worked closely with Sonic on his book. note to sonic: Catherine says hi.

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