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¶ cannons, scientologists, and a marathon
Random stuff.

A few weeks ago, some MIT students drove to Caltech, stole a large Spanish-American War cannon, drove it back out to Cambridge, and set it up in the middle of MIT campus. More information at http://www.mitcannon.com/.

Early last week, I spotted some Scientologists protesting in front of MIT. I really don't know what to make of these people... Some things just never cease to amaze me.

Yesterday was the Boston Marathon. Kenya won again (of course). It was my first time actually going there to watch, and incredibly inspiring. Especially the jogglers. Stories don't get better than this. The current world record holder for marathon juggling (Zach Warren) - running a marathon while juggling at the same time - going head to head with the former world record holder (Michal Kapral) in a winner-takes-all showdown. We saw them pass the 25-mile mark and it was simply amazing.

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