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weather.com says it's like -9° F out1. and sunny. Excellent! one might say, what better thing to do than go for a bike ride? My words exactly. Headed east then south, across the Longfellow bridge. Stacy calls me when I'm crossing the bridge, and icicles form on my hand2 as I take it out of my glove to answer the phone.

Today, I wanted to explore the North End, cause I haven't really roamed around there yet. Skirted through Beacon Hill then made it to Quincy Market. Ended up walking through most of the shops there, then biked back to my dorm. I should've worn an extra pair of socks. My right foot was going numb on the way back. I think I'll leave the rest of North End for another day.

Jay's (supposedly) coming up to boston to visit today. He missed the first train by a couple minutes cause new yorkers are idiots, so he's hopefully on the next train by now. that'll be cool, haven't seen him in a while.

Sometimes I feel a little lonely up here cause I don't have a whole lot of friends yet. But then I think of my roommate's wife and I don't feel so bad anymore. I live in a two bedroom apartment, with a randomly assigned roomate. He's a 2nd year grad student in Chemical Engineering, from Shanxi in China. Several weeks into the semester, his wife moves in with us. Didn't speak a word of english, and had never left China before. So here she is, about as far as possible from home trying as hard as she can to learn english, with only her husband around, who's usually busy with his work. Anyway, my point is that I don't think I have it as tough on the social side as she does.
1 okay, so it's actually 7° F, and "feels like -9°", but saying -9° sounds cooler.
2not really, but that's what it felt like download movies, buy movies,download mp3,hindi mp3 download

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