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¶ Ladybug2 + GPS + roof rack
People in my research area have been toying with the idea of participating in the next DARPA Grand Challenge. It's all very speculative right now, but a couple of us got excited and started playing with some ideas. One idea was to stick the Ladybug2 on top of a passenger car and see how far we could get with that. So a couple days ago, Tom, Matt, and I cut out a mounting board for the ladybug2, bungee-corded it to Tom's roof rack, and drove around Cambridge taking some data. We loosely synchronized it with a GPS also, and the result is pretty cool.

Bishop Allen -> Norfolk -> Mass Ave (25 MB XViD)

North on Mass ave crossing the Harvard bridge (33 MB XViD)

The good thing about the Ladybug2 is that it's almost perfectly calibrated so we don't need to worry about the relative positions and orientations of the individual cameras. One bad thing that we noticed is that it has a low dynamic range, visible as the sky being totally washed out while the sidewalks are dark.

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