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¶ DGC eye candy
Grand Challenge eye candy! (DivX videos).

DARPA is sponsoring 10 teams for $1 million to compete in the Grand Challenge. Teams who want this money need to submit a proposal. Here's the video we sent in with our proposal:
(77 MB DivX)

A few weeks ago, Matt, Ed, David, and I borrowed Tom's car and strapped a GPS, SICK laser scanner, AVT Marlin camera, and an XSens IMU to it and drove around taking some data. Ed is the resident laser expert, and stitched the laser scans together using the GPS and IMU measurements. He synced this to the video, and we got this cool visualization as a result:
(57 MB DivX)

Re: DGC eye candy
Posted 15 years, 1 month ago by amandine • • Reply
sweet video!!!

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