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¶ Maiden Voyage of the Nirvana II
Alex has this R/C sailboat he got a couple months ago, and we went with him to try it out for the first time yesterday. It's pretty neat.. two servomotors, one controlling the mainsail and jib, and the other controlling the rudder. The servos were pretty weak, and it was quite windy, so we were worried that the boat might not be able to turn upwind in some cases.

Initially, we started out at the little public park across the street from Microcenter. The boat had this cute little stand you could use while assembling.

Turned out that the river was too shallow over there, and the keel would just sink into the mud. Eventually, we convinced Alex to go to the sailing pavilion, where the water is deeper (but there is more real boat traffic). And it worked, the boat sailed!

But not for very long. After about 20 minutes, we lost control of the rudder, and the Nirvana II made a mad dash for Boston (it started on the Cambridge side of the river).

After helplessly twiddling with the controls for a bit, we finally asked one of the sailing pavilion folks to help mount a rescue operation.

And thus ended the maiden voyage of the Nirvana II.

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