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¶ Coming (eventually) to a bookstore near you
omgomgomg, We're on amazon now! w00t!

Albert Huang and Larry Rudolph. Bluetooth Essentials for Programmers. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2007.

Oh right, I guess I never really followed up with details on my post last fall. Umm, so basically Cambridge University press offered to publish our book. It's not scheduled for actual publication until later this year, and I don't think the date has been finalized, but hopefully we'll see it in stores by April or May. We sent them a completed manuscript a few months ago, and we're currently waiting to hear from the copy editors. I think the idea is that the copy editors will find most or all of the typographical, grammatical, stylistic, and other errors not directly related to content. They'll send it back to us, and we'll be expected to correct the errors and then send it back to them for one final pass before it gets sent to layout and typesetting.

At least, I think that's how it's going to work. Haven't actually gone through this book-publishing thing before, so this is all new to me. Regardless, I'm very much geeked out by seeing it listed on Amazon =PDvd movies reviewGreat reviewImportant reviewJ reviewJournal review

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