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About a month and a half ago, I met with a producer from the Discovery Channel who was working on a show they were calling "2057", which was supposed to be some Discovery Channel special about what technology would be like 50 years from now. It wasn't an actual interview - no cameras or anything, I just told her about the DARPA Grand Challenge and how things are different this year, and gave her a bunch of animations that we'd made during our work in the past several months.

The show aired last night, and omgfwtfbbq was it absolutely awful! They spent about 5 minutes talking about the previous DARPA grand challenge, and in those 5 minutes showed maybe 15-30 seconds of the clips that Ed made last summer (around minute 17, some renderings of a Ford Escape driving through the city and building a terrain map using a SICK laser scanner). So that was okay. But half the show was this cockeyed pseudo-drama with all these lame futuristic props and scenarios of the future that were just so contrived that I couldn't keep a straight face for more than five seconds while watching. Anyway, it was kinda neat to see some of the stuff we made end up on the Discovery Channel.Real review centerReal review boardReview zoneYour review boardDvd fun club

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