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¶ medicinal purposes only
finally got here. note to self: do not fly China Airlines again.

[begin obligatory travel story]
shuttle flight from boston to new york. something strange was tripping a warning sensor and delaying our flight so we couldn't take off. finally, the pilot realizes that there are too many little kids sitting in the front of the plane and we're aft-heavy. so they spend like 10 minutes doing a little musical chairs routine and moving the kids to the back so our center of gravity is where it should be. makes me wonder what would happen if those kids suddenly started running around mid-flight...
[end obligatory travel story]

it's nice and warm here. 88° F... yeah, that's nice =P weather.com says boston is "-4°, feels like -27°." to anyone in boston: pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbttththhh =P

Oh yeah, contrary to what I've been telling people, chewing gum hasn't been totally un-banned here. Apparently, they did the california thing and it's legal for medicinal uses. So if you have a prescription saying you must chew gum to survive, then it's okay. otherwise, it's not. something like that.download movies, buy movies,download mp3,hindi mp3 download

Re: medicinal purposes only
Posted 17 years, 10 months ago by "still freezing in boston" • • Reply
err .. just wondering, is there *any* disease that require you to chew gum in order to survive?
Re: medicinal purposes only
Posted 17 years, 10 months ago by Sonic • wwwReply
Maybe like...jaw rehabilitation... With really hard to chew gum... or... yeah...

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