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¶ Consulting for Ford
A few of us made a trip out to Ford headquarters in Detroit this past weekend. I'm not really sure how much I'm supposed to not say, so for now I'll just say that the Ford grand challenge team brought a bunch of us out there as "consultants" ;) It was fun to see another team up close and to work with them.

Ford is using an F-250 pickup truck for their race vehicle. Lots of room inside, and they have all of the computers housed in the bed of the truck.

Like us, they're using a Velodyne high density laser scanner. They're using Riegl laser scanners instead of SICK, which we use, for pushbroom sensors. They're also using Point Grey Firefly MV cameras.

We did a bunch of tests with them in one of their parking lots. The parking lot itself had a nice cozy feel, as it was surrounded on three sides by a sunflower farm.

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