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¶ Windy Day
Testing today was cut short due to strong winds. We showed up to the marine base at sunrise to be greeted by sandy gusts of wind and toppled trees. Every time we opened a window or a door, a fine layer of sand would waft in and cover our seats, monitors, keyboards, and everything else. Testing in the desert proper must really suck. By 9 am, the Walmart tent we often eat lunch under was all bent out of shape, and soon after that the base commander closed the whole place down because it was getting too dangerous. It's a bummer for us, but I feel bad for the Caltech folks who drove an hour out here only to be kicked out before they could get much testing done. Cornell's probably itching to get some testing done too, but I don't know what their options are. Luckily, we were able to do a few autonomous runs in the early morning and got some data that we can work on for a while.replica watch Movie reviews thriller Movie reviews comedy Movie reviews comedy Movie reviews action Movie reviews action

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