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¶ rainy taipei
wow... what a trip. am in taipei now, at sooms's place. she's not feeling so hot today (going to bangkok destroyed her gi tract) so she's sleeping. i spent the last four days mostly in the back of my uncle's nissan quest minivan with his three adolescent children. we all drove down to southern taiwan last wednesday and began working our way up the eastern highways. I left them when they hit hualien and took a train back up to taipei and met up with sooms. some memorable moments:

- It's raining. Me, being the hard-core new-englander that I am, thinks umbrellas are for wimps so I deign not to unfurl one. My cousin asks "don't you want an umbrella" and I'm like nah. Then he's like, "you're not afraid of going bald?" and I'm like, "bald? wtf?" and he's like "yeah man, the rain. it's bad... acid." and two femtoseconds later I've hoisted an umbrella the size of texas.
- Scrawling wishes on a large, crimson paper balloon, holding it still in the wind while a fire is lit in its gaping belly, and watching it rise majestically into the moonlight, another fiery red dot in the sky joining other messages of hope for the new year. Watching it grow smaller and smaller until at one moment, with the blink of an eye, it's gone.
- Climbing the mountains. Holy shit does taiwan have a lot of mountains.
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Will be back in cambridge soon. Am looking forward to that... I've had way too much asian food lately and am craving a good mushroom and swiss burger cooked just right (medium) served with a pickle, fries, and a fucking coke. Can anyone say "234 Burger"? (paragon)

Re: rainy taipei
Posted 17 years, 10 months ago by Anonymous • • Reply
234 Burger. And sooms is now more l33t than though. It falutes so. Hehe...acid rain...hehe...bald albert...
Re: rainy taipei
Posted 17 years, 10 months ago by Anonymous • • Reply
uhm....in my world, "though" = thou.
Re: rainy taipei
Posted 17 years, 10 months ago by Anonymous • • Reply
A hidden g'nite to Albot! Will he catch this... ? How were the relatives in Shilin? See ya in da morn!

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