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¶ shield your eyes
so my roommate moved out. and he took his wife with him. for a while, he wasn't sure if he was gonna take her. his department rented him out to some companies in ohio and minnesota for the semester1, and at first he wasn't gonna bring her. he tells me this and i'm like, "wtf!? take her with you!!" eventually things worked out and they flew to ohio together several days ago. so now I don't have a roommate. it's nice and quiet for the most part. I don't know how long this will last. Chances are that I will be assigned a new random roomate within the next week or so. Oh well.

One of the benefits of having a place to yourself, as I've discovered, is that you can walk around the apartment butt naked and nobody will care.

he he he

1 So apparently, the Chemical Engineering department has this rental program where companies can pay the department lots of money and then get some grad students for a semester or two. The grad students are sent out and do work for the company, but don't get any more money than their usual stipend (~$1800 per month). it all goes to the department coffers. i think that's sort of how it works.

Re: shield your eyes
Posted 17 years, 10 months ago by Sonic • • Reply
Ah excellent. Glad to hear things worked out. I totally agree with your last point...my being a nudist and all...
Re: shield your eyes
Posted 17 years, 10 months ago by the_eighth_bit • • Reply
"grad student rental program" -- interesting ... I didn't know MIT can even make $$ out of students that way. Your roommate considered not bringing his wife along -- What's wrong with your roommate? I would say that woman should divorce him and go back to China -- thou easy said than done. "Albert walking around the apartment butt naked" -- dude, too much information.
Re: shield your eyes
Posted 17 years, 10 months ago by albert • • Reply
well, in all fairness, the question for him wasn't as much whether he wanted her around (he clearly did) as much as it was whether it would be better for her. Being rented out and all, he's going to be mad busy all day, and there really isn't a whole lot for a new immigrant to do in ohio/minnesota. Boston, otoh, has a huge chinese population and plenty of english language learning opportunities. of course, i think it's more important for them to be together in one place, but there are valid arguments for the other side.

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