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I've told almost everyone, but haven't written about it yet, so might as well write about it.

So there's this program called the Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA). It's basically like this: Singapore pays big bucks to MIT (~$USD 7 million per year). A number of MIT classes are then recorded and simulcasted to a few singaporean unversities. Every year, Singpore hosts an SMA symposium, which is basically a networking event for SMA faculty. Larry, my advisor, teaches an SMA class, so he gets to go to Singapore in January. He's allowed to bring one graduate student, so he asked me to go and I'm like 'hellz yeah, m0f0' (paraphrased) Then he's like you should present something while you're there, how about your undergraduate honors project and i'm like 'umm.. okay (fuck fuck shit fuck)'

Anyway, so I got my abstract out to singapore a couple weeks ago, but now I gotta make this giant poster (H: 48" W: 36") and e-mail it to them so they can print it up over there. Making a poster is hard. Took me all day and I don't have jack shit. What the hell do you fill 12 square feet of poster with? I kept scribbling obscenities on my poster, but I don't think they'd print it up for me if I did that. *sigh*

I started another sourceforge project =P

sonic and bryant will be the only ones to remember this, but back when we had the sun machines in the sun lab, there was this nifty little mailbox utility that such sat on your desktop displaying the first 4 or 5 message headers (from, subject) in your inbox. I really like that utility and was disappointed when the lab switched to linux, cause there was no mailbox utility. So I started writing my own and just finished adding in support for IMAP4, POP3, and Unix local mail last week.

I wanted the old look and feel, so I used the Athena Widget set (libXaw). Much to my chagrin, a day after I finish, I read this State-of-the-open-source-community type article linked off of slashdot that basically says "The athena widget toolkit is obsolete and should no longer be used". doh. Anyway, I made a sourceforge project for it at http://xmailbox.sourceforge.net. Page is blank right now, will fill it in when I get a chance.
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god, I'm never gonna get any research done.

Re: singapore posters
Posted 18 years, 1 month ago by sonic • wwwReply
You dork. Though I guess your doing these types of projects is no dorkier than my writing musicology papers on the side for no other reason than my own amusement and the (limited) benefit of a few others. I think I'm going to take Japanese next quarter so your dltools will come in handy.

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