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¶ updates from cambridge
new roomie moved in a week ago. we get along. have more in common with him than i did with china, at least =P

So I'm not really one for romantic things, but I'd feel like a tool if I didn't do anything on v-day. stacy came up friday night. The plan was to hang out in cambridge, maybe go ice skating, and then go snowboarding early saturday morning. Picked her up from the bus station, and then she was like, 'dude i forgot my contact lenses' and she didn't want to go riding in her brand new glasses so we were like 'shit'. stopped by a couple of opticians to see if we could buy some disposable contacts for her, but no go, as all the ophthamologists had gone home for the night and weren't giving out prescriptions. So we drove down to providence. and then drove back up to cambridge, with her contacts. That was friday. romantic, huh?

saturday was cool. took her to Loon, a medium size mountain with some nice riding. I bought new bindings last week, so my board actually stays on my feet now.

sunday met up with amandine and bryant and (surprise surprise) yotam for dim sum at china pearl. shocked them all with my blue hair, which stacy dyed for me last friday. I would post a picture, but I think my camera has breathed its last. won't turn on now =/ time to buy a new camera! dim sum, as always, was cool. had time to enjoy it this time. last time i went to china pearl with jay, we showed up 40 minutes before his train was scheduled to leave from south station. our meal was like: wait for table, get table, mob carts, snarf snarf, mob carts, snarf snarf, throw money at cashier, run to south station.

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