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¶ blood, suffering, and anguish
So I'm taking Robert Morris's class on distributed systems. This guy is 1337. He took out the Internet in 1988 and is now a convicted felon or something as a result. But he doesn't talk about it much, and I get the impression it's not something he likes being known for. Anyway, he's teaching at MIT now and runs the Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems (PDOS) group.

For the class, we're writing some code and so he gave us all accounts on the PDOS systems. The three machines that we get accounts on are named blood, suffering, and anguish. Somehow, it seems appropriate. See, whenever he gives his lectures, he always has these crazy facial expressions. If someone asks him a question, he scrunches his face up way tight and grits his teeth and grimaces like someone just shot him in the nuts with a 12-gauge shotgun or something equally painful. When the guy lectures, I feel like he's in constant agony, and I feel kinda bad, like he's thinking "ach, you friggin grad students, why can't you just leave me alone!?"

Yuan says he's logged in to suffering a lot. It seems fitting...

Re: blood, suffering, and anguish
Posted 17 years, 9 months ago by amandine • @Reply
i really don't know if this could qualify as scientific quirkyness... we might have crossed into the realm of psychological disorder and necessary treatment here.
Re: blood, suffering, and anguish
Posted 17 years, 9 months ago by Anonymous • • Reply
Interesting info on Robert Morris ... now I am even more intrigued in taking 6.824 next year ... theeighthbit

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