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¶ reused anal plugs
So you know how sometimes you get a mass email, and then you reply to the mass email, but you accidentally hit "Reply-to-all" instead of just "reply"? And sometimes you might say things you don't want other people to know about? and it can be kinda embarrassing? yeah...

So there's this mailing list called reuse@mit.edu. The way it works is if you have something you don't want/need anymore and you're looking to give it away, you send an email to reuse describing your item and how someone should contact you if they want it. There must be at least a thousand people on the reuse mailing list, cause stuff comes and goes super fast. Usually, it's stuff like old computers or furniture or houseware or stuff like that. Occasionally, there's something interesting.

A couple days ago, someone posted an email to reuse that starts as follows:
To: reuse@MIT.EDU
Subject: not-so-little blue friend
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:36:24 -0500
From: xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx 

free to a good home:

one (1) Private Collection brand "Ultimate ANAL Plug", size medium.
The description goes on, but you get the idea. Anal plug, big, blue, and brand new up for reuse. So today, some girl had one of those moments and hit reply-all instead of reply, and her email was as follows:
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 00:26:22 -0500 (EST)
From: xxxxx xxxxx 
To: xxxxxxxx x xxxxxx 
Cc: "reuse@MIT.EDU" 
Subject: Re: not-so-little blue friend

hi im not sure if this is claimed yet but id rilly lyke it!! my boi is
lookin for an upgrade :) ummm, hee hee ;) ok lemme kno...i live at
next house so i kin pick it up on campus. thanx a millyun! :) :) :)
So I'm sitting at my desk reading this, and I'm like, "girl, you did not just tell a thousand people that you're looking to upgrade your anal plug."

Re: reused anal plugs
Posted 17 years, 9 months ago by Anonymous • • Reply
AHahahahahahhaa. I need it that. thanks.

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