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¶ there is definitely more than one
So it's that time of year again, right? tax season. rah rah. *sigh*

Today, I got some letters in the mail labeled "IMPORTANT CONFIDENTIAL TAX INFORMATION ENCLOSED" so I'm like, ok, I'll need to keep these for later.

Then I take a closer look and see that it's addressed to Albert T. Huang. Albert T. Huang? Well, okay, maybe it's a typo. There's a typo on my drivers license too (they printed my license up as Albert J. Huang instead of Albert S. Huang).

Then I glance at the address and it says "University of California" and then I'm like, wtf? Have I been living a double life at UC Davis without knowing it?!?

Finally, I open the damn thing and confirm that yes, I am still sane and that no, my name is not Albert Tinghui Huang, and that yes, mail addressed to one Albert Huang was sent to the wrong Albert Huang and I really feel like the universe should be imploding right about now.

So I googled the guy and sent him an email which was basically like, "dear albert huang, this is albert huang. uc davis sent me your tax forms. they got the wrong albert huang. you want them? -albert huang"

my head hurts now...

Re: there is definitely more than one
Posted 17 years, 9 months ago by Brandon Fuller • @ wwwReply
I was having car trouble while traveling across county. I walked up to the dealership and noticed something strange. My name was on the door! Turns out the general managers and I shared the same name. Figured I was a shoe-in to get help that day. Nada. He blew me off. My alternate identity is a dick.

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