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¶ visit day and a drummer
CSAIL had its visit day for prospective PhD students last weekend. Originally, I was gonna lead a bicycle tour around cambridge and boston as a daytime excursion on Saturday, but the weather went to shit so we canceled it.

The way visit day works is that admitted students are invited to MIT for a weekend to check out the campus and for us to convince them that they want to be doctoral students here. We arrange daytime excursions (e.g. my bike tour), take them out to fancy dinners, show them our brand new building that we're moving into next week, and arrange one-on-one interviews between prospectives and faculty members.

It was kinda weird, though, realizing that it's been an entire year since I first checked the place out. A milestone, I guess. The same reflection that the passage of time seems to accelerate with age. A year ago I was one of those clueless prospectives bumbling about NE43 looking for a professor to talk to. I'm still clueless and bumbling about, but at least I can point at them and laugh =P

While biking up mem drive last week, I passed by a drummer on the river. He was all set up on this grassy bank facing the river with his base, snare, tom-toms, cymbals, etc. It was mad windy that day, at least 20 knots, so the grass around him was all streaming and bent way down, and his hair was going nuts. He seemed so into it, just beating out some rhythms on the river, paying no attention to the cars racing by on memorial drive 50 feet away (although the wind was so loud you couldn't hear them at all). That was cool.

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