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¶ 2 gone, 3 left
A friend and fellow student had to go home about a week and a half ago. I'm not too clear on exactly what happened, but the basic idea is that she suddenly lost most of her vision (i.e. went blind) and sense of taste. Something about a neurological disorder. It was awfully sudden. One day we were chilling in her office across the floor from me, and then the next day I come in and hear that she's in the hospital and can't see. Several days later, she's lost her sense of taste and is on her way back home to Vancouver.

She's in a canadian hospital now, hoping to recover. Since I don't know what's wrong, I also don't know her chances of recovery, but the grapevine says she's either gonna get better soon, or not for a really long time. We're sending her a little care package and get well cards.

it's times like this when I'm just at a complete loss as to what to do. It's frustrating to realize that there's absolutely nothing to do other than hope and wait.

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