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¶ starcraft and koreans
When I was in high school, everyone was super sensitive about tolerance and understanding and trying to avoid stereotyping. You never said black people were better at basketball than white people, or that asians were smarter or that men and women had some fundamental differences.

As I went through college, though, all of that just kinda went out the window. Although I don't think it's universally true, there are definitely some trends that are more than just statistical coincidences. Asians (at least in america) suck at sports. Kenyans will always win the boston marathon. Japanese people will always win the Coney Island 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest. There will always be more good basketball players of african descent than not.

Which brings me to the point of this story, which is that pretty much all young Korean males play Starcraft.

About six (six!?) years ago, I started playing Starcraft. At Brown, I started playing sc with sonic. That was bad news for us. Definitely the cause of some relationship strain. But it was damn fun. And addictive too. I can't even begin to count how many times I've deleted the game from my computer, only to reinstall it again a week later. Brandon might remember seeing us in our latitude cubicles playing in the middle of the day while all the rest of the engineering team was doing their dev work. It got to the point where to force myself not to play, I drove to a dumpster and threw my entire box set in the garbage. That lasted about a year and a half. We downloaded the game again and have started playing online almost daily now (sorry stacy).

Throughout the whole time, the scene changed, people came and went, styles of play changed, but one thing remained constant. There were always like a billion koreans playing starcraft. Hordes of them. Forming clans, shouting at us online in these strange korean characters. Me and sonic have been learning Korean by playing starcraft. how sad is that? choban! gosu! dong mang!

There are some koreans in the office next to mine. They're in the computer architecture group, with Arvind and Shrini. we really don't have a whole lot in common, but I started talking to one of them about starcraft once and it was like instant bond. Totally different culture and background and research interests, but we all play starcraft. And I didn't even really need to ask. It was like, as soon as I knew he was Korean, I knew he played starcraft.

Re: starcraft and koreans
Posted 17 years, 7 months ago by Sonic • • Reply
Ahahahaha. Hilarious. So true. I think it's their rite of passage to becoming a man. If you can't do a zergling rush and kill a newbie or at least mess up other people's games by leaving 3 seconds into the game, you're not a MAN! A Korean MAN...that plays starcraft...
Re: starcraft and koreans
Posted 17 years, 7 months ago by dareka • @Reply
ah, this lyrical essay brings bright tears of joy to my eye...I taught you well at the art of stereotyping
Re: starcraft and koreans
Posted 17 years, 5 months ago by ?? • @ wwwReply
I started playing starcraft 4 years ago, and i started playing again 5 months ago, i enter lots of tournametns, but i still don't know why its like the national game in south korea. Why do koreans plya starcraft so much?

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