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¶ s{nak,kat}eboards
I like things that roll.

skateboard, on table

Meet stumpy, my skateboard. Actually, I don't know if I can really call him stumpy, cause the trucks are toby's. But the deck is stumpy, so I guess it's okay to call it stumpy.

Ok, that wasn't so clear. A couple years ago, me and stacy bought a skateboard and a lone deck1 together. We named the skateboard toby and the lone deck stumpy. All was good. Then, about a year and a half ago, I got hit by a van while riding toby. That sucked. The van also snapped toby in half, so toby died. But toby's trucks were still good, so I put stumpy on toby's trucks, so problem solved. Except now I don't know whether to call it stumpy or toby.

That was an awful tangent. Here toby/stumpy's underside.

skateboard, on side

Anyway, the reason I'm posting all these pictures of my skateboard is cause I bought a snakeboard a couple weeks ago and have been riding around on it. It's pretty damn cool.


They're not very popular around here. Roads aren't so good, I guess. The idea is you strap your feet in and propel yourself using a snaking motion. I like it cause the whole idea of moving without having to push off with my feet is pretty cool. The first day was awful, though. For at least the first hour, all I did was stand on it, wiggle my ass, and then fall off. Repeatedly. Then I started getting the hang of it though. Real tough to go uphill, though. Actually, I can't go uphill. Maybe I need more practice.
1 the deck is the wooden board that rests on top of the trucks, which are the metal supports that attach the deck to the wheels.

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