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¶ curse you, boston

Boston defeated me again this morning. There was no contest, it was a sound beating. Y'know, it's okay for a city to have weird twisty and windy streets. I don't have any problems with that. It's okay if the street signs aren't always where they should be. It's okay for other drivers to be total assholes. But, for the love of all that's sacred, can't the streets at least stay the same!?!? Every week something changes and a road that I used to be able to take just disappears... the Big Dig just eats it up! I'm driving back on I-93N this morning, and the exit that I normally take to Cambridge is just gone. Well, it's sort of there, but instead of letting me on to storrow drive, it shits me out in the North End somewhere, and then before I know it, the North End shits me out at Logan Airport and Boston is like, "haha! fuck you!!!" So there I am, flailing around Logan Airport because Boston refused to let me go to Cambridge, and I'm like *whimper*
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